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Taher Mohammed - St. Jerome sponsored Youth

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Taher Mohammed, age 15, is sponsored by St. Jerome since 2013 through Unbound. The parish is a 19 year Unbound sponsor and Taher is our second sponsored child. Steve and Jayne Taylor, went to India to visit their sponsored "daughter", Nathasha, and they took the opportunity to visit Taher for the second time. The first visit was in 2013.

Taher is a pleasant and intelligent young man, with a lovely and caring family. The family lives in a 7' X 15" space with a small kitchen and washroom. Having two of the children sponsored and both parents working, gives the opportunity and the motivation for all three children to attend college and have opportunities for better lives.

Prior to Steve's 2013 visit, the parish took up a collection for $580 for the family. The family used the donation to make two improvements in their lives; establish a permanent location for the father's flower business and to buy a sewing machine for Azeemunnissa, the mother, who is a tailor. She made an outfit for Jayne, that she finished and presented the next morning. Azeemunnissa has great appreciation for St. Jerome for the continued support and prayers. The family sends their thanks and prayers, and their assurance that our contributions are a well justified investment in their family.

Sister - Taslimunnissa - 2nd year college pursuing a degree in Commerse

Brother - Baba - 12th Grade; intends to pursue an engineering degree

Taher - 11th grade; intends to pursue an engineering degree

Select the link to see additional pictures and information. Taher presentation

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We invite anyone interested in writing to Taher to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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