Justice & Peace

The Justice and Peace Committee -  Mary Loesch  890-2532

Keeps the parishioners aware of social issues that need our attention, including local, national and international. Provides a forum for parishioners to participate in peace and justice issues.

Job Loss Counseling -

Help in preparing resumes, job search, and interviewing skills.

Cards and Flowers

Sending cards to parishioners who are ill.

F.I.S.H. (Friends in Service Here)

Provide emergency financial assistance on an as needed basis, food deliveries and transportation.

Funeral Liturgies - Dee Dean 872-4474 and Bobby Tardif 874-6689

Meet with families to help plan liturgy for funerals. Coordinate with Music Minister, and provide support to families before and during the service.

Funeral Receptions Marie DeGenna Brooks 826-0468

Receptions are provided following funerals. Volunteers prepare food and serve as hosts for the reception.

Gardens at Warwick Forest Bingo  Paul and Kathy Grace  757-875-9507

Monthly Bingo conducted for residents every first Monday at 2:00 p.m. (Changes in schedule will be noted in the Parish Bulletin) Volunteers help the residents who need assistance at playing the game.

Legislative Advocacy

Keeps parishioners aware of social justice issues through correspondence received from the Diocese.

Ministry to the Sick

Hospital and home visits,  Extra Ordinary Holy Eucharistic Ministry to the sick and physically challenged.

Parish Nurse Ministry - Regina Asaro 833-8093
The mission of the Parish Nurse Ministry is to promote whole person health and disease prevention with an emphasis on spiritual well being.  This will be accomplished through the development of programs and services that support the Parish Nurse Scope of Practice and the needs of the parishioners of St. Jerome Catholic Church.

Prison Ministry Wanda Wallace 877-5021

Visits inmates in Newport News City Farm, advises parish of issues impacting prisoners.  Actively advocates repeal of the Death Penalty.

Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (CFCA)Steve Taylor 833-6803

Encourages the sponsorship of children and aging within 22 countries to assisting in education and other basic needs.

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2 Parish Nurse's Information Page
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