Parish Nurse's Newsletter


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Parish Nurse Monthly Handout
Each month there will be interesting and helpful information for the parish.

Flu Virus

Senior Flu Information


Shingles Vaccine


Eye Diseases



Electronic Giving



You can now make your contributions

to the church electronically!

It is easy, safe and secure.


Through your on line banking,

set St. Jerome up as a payee.


Enter your envelope number as your account

number if this field is required by your bank.


This can be done weekly, monthly, or even

set up as a recurring payment

and it will be automatic each month!


It has never been easier to support your church!

Fellowship Committee Chairperson



1 September 2014

Re-occurring responsibilities are as follows:

  1.  Chair monthly meeting.
  2.  Plan, prepare, and serve Coffee Sunday (1st Sunday of each month)
  3.  Plan, prepare, and serve: Mardi Gras Dinner, Lenten Soup Supper, Parish Picnic (Feast of St Jerome),   Thanksgiving dinner

There will be times when you will be asked to help with other functions. But as Chairperson, you will have the best group of committee members in our Parish. They are tireless and hard working.

Contact Nell Cote to discuss details and submit your name as a volunteer.


Nell Cote


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Ministry Volunteers


faith in action


Looking for Ministry Volunteers Update!

Thank you

St. Jerome would like to thank the individuals who volunteered to help during the Ministry Fair. Although some positions were filled, the parish still needs volunteers in various areas. Our new volunteer webpage highlights the total number of volunteers needed for the various ministries and allows you to sign up at that time. Contact Steve Taylor if you have any questions; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or 869-2952. Click here to view the site: Looking for Volunteers

Bishop's Appeal Fund Report

 Year  Target





 % of Pledges


 Amount Returned

to St. Jerome

 2011  24,690.00 62,229.41 57,585.91  92.54% 22,433.96
 2012  26,740.00 68,574.54 65,338.54  95.28% 24,768.27
 2013  30,550.00 81,579.44 65,521.59  80.32%


 2014  31,310.00 71,527.44 56,176.44  78.54%



 First check received in January 2015 for $13,891.07


New computers for the staff
IT services throughout all buildings
Hearing assistance system for the Worship area TV's
Mounts and DVD players for the classrooms
Dell Projector
Disabled Access Doors on both sides of the church


Air Conditioning Unit for the Worship area
Remaining funds from 2011 in the amount of $13,000.00 will also be designated towards the cost of the AC Unit


Continue to designate funds for the Air Conditioning for Worship area


General repairs and updates needed by parish


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