Pastoral Council

Father George Prado-Parochial Administrator: (757) 872-8166

Carole Bushong– Chairperson and Liaison to Capital Campaign Cabinet: (757) 875-5217

Fonda Mauch-Recording Secretary: (219) 326-5186

Ruby Baggett-Member at Large: (757) 408-4444

Violeta Barreto- Member at Large: (757) 289-4959

Wanda Council- Member at Large: (757) 879-6845

Dee Dean-Member at Large: (757) 877-1353

Patrick Fox-Member at Large: (757) 930-2174

Harold Hairston-Member at Large: (757) 877-1566

Debbie Moore-Member at Large: (757) 812-8283 (c)/ (757) 874-4323(h)

Edward Rock-Member at Large: (757) 874-2139'

James Stewart-Member at Large: (757) 887-1141

Donna Scott- Member at Large (757) 921-4791

Living Our Mission Capital Campaign

The parish has started to receive our share of the money from the Living our Mission Campaign and we want to make sure everyone is aware of the approved projects and their status.

Approved Projects

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Approved Strategic Plans

Strategic Plan Development



Manage Parish Assets & Investment

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Parish & Community Needs


Mission of the Parish Pastoral Council

The purpose of the council is to ensure that the parish is carrying out it’s stated mission and that the pastoral needs of all parishioners are met. It is the structure through which parish members can participate in discerning God’s vision for the parish.

The council is consultative to the Pastor rather than decision-making. It is to provide vision and direction for the parish, and establish pastoral priorities according to our vision. The responsibilities of the council include, but are not limited to:

1.  Periodic evaluation of the Parish Mission Statement.

2.  Calling and enabling all members of the parish to discover, develop, and offer their gifts in service to both the Parish and the wider community.

3.  Determining and assessing the vision of the parish and recommending appropriate actions and programs.

4.  Prioritizing parish goals and objectives in accordance with the parish vision.

5.  Evaluating past and current programs.

6.  Providing for the development of long range goals and short term objectives.

7.  Being a visible example of love, patience, cooperation, and trust for others.

8.  Providing spiritual formation and leadership skills for Pastoral Council members and various parish groups.

9.  Maintaining an awareness of all parish activities and on-going communications with each committee or ministry.

10. Establishing ad hoc committees or other special ministries as needed.

11. Being accountable to the parish for the way in which it discharges it’s responsibilities.

12. Acting in accordance with the teaching and law of the church, diocesan policies, and civil law.

The Council meets regularly on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30PM.

Meetings may be rescheduled around holidays.

Feel free to read "Called to Serve", the diocese guideline for Pastoral Council